My First English Post

Hi all, it’s me again.. A long pause in this blog, now i’m coming and trying to write some articles in english. I intend to improve my english skill by doing this. You’ll find some incorrect grammar, or improper sentences, just forgive me :) and correct me if you love.

Motivated by some colleagues that have been going abroad for continuing their study and gain scholarship from our company, and fact that my english is still below the entry requirement. Beyond that, globalisation is another thing we can’t run away from it, communicating in english is a must, fact that in some situation i trapped in a “blank” without words. Yeah those two are my basic motivation to learn and speak/write english in daily basis.

By next week, along with three other friends, i will go to at least three countries abroad for an assignment. Of course this will required to communicate in english with our partners abroad. We will also required to submit a report and present it to the boards. Then, in the end of assignment, there will be an IELTS test as a passing requirement for whole assignment activities.

I believe in “Living English” phrase, yes, it is the best way in learning english faster.


About ariftor

A not so fat indonesian young man who's trying to be more practical than ever
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