Life is Details

Starting last tuesday, Our TOEFL class at EF BSD has been teached by Mr. Chris, a native speaker and also leader of several branches of EF in Tangerang, Jakarta, and Bogor area. In this first meeting, we spend full session of class by giving Mr. Crish questions, this was his way observing us in TOEFL class. The idea was to know what can we do with english.

The questions were ranging from pivate background to political things. We learn about variety of topics from his experience. His school years life, his passion, his hobby, and his favorite movies.

Surprisingly, we were impressed by his attention to details. He can remember a movie in depth not only the plot, but also who is the main actor/actress, who is the director, who is the protagonist, and even the year of the movie. When he was talking about a place he has lived for a period, he could tell us what are behind every details of that place. He could describe precisely about what famous, who made impact to the place, and of course local cultures.

When we were asking him about his attention to details, he then answered “Life is Details”. This kind of thing is currently i haven’t mastered. Taking quote of his statement, by that night, I declared to learn more about attention to details. This is an important thing and can not be separated with “Seeing the big picture”. For me “Life is infinite learning”. Living learning habit everytime, that’s what i’m running now.


About ariftor

A not so fat indonesian young man who's trying to be more practical than ever
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